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Our glampers will add elegance to any upcoming gathering as an extension of space, a backdrop, or the main focus. We provide set-up and tear down services with any option you choose for your upcoming life event. Here are a few ways our glampers can be fully customizable to your gathering.

Package options


$400 fully furnished
$300 partially furnished


Parties & showers

Complete your upcoming event or celebration with  our glamourous canvas bell tents. This can be as simple or elaborate as you envision as you plan to celebrate that special person in your life. 


Lounge sitting tents

This is the perfect lounge setting for hanging out with friends. 

  • Fully furnished with low tables, upgraded pillows, poufs, accent chairs, rugs, accent plants, & specialty lighting that will add beauty and detail.  

  • Partially furnished with coir matting rug, low sitting pillows, a side table, and indoor & outdoor lantern.


$400 fully furnished
$300 partial furnished



Hang out with the gang

 create the ultimate gathering with your friends. Choose one tent or both for an unforgettable get together for the day or customize your package to include glamping overnight. 

contact us for a quote by clicking below.

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