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Glamping with Tumbleweeds

Glamping is glamourous camping. We could all use a little glamour to add to our everyday. Living in the Midwest, not only the Midwest but southwest Kansas sometimes we need to get a little creative. That is how this whole glamping thing evolved into a business for us. I love the outdoors, I am over the moon about it, and have now lived in SW Kansas for 16 years and needless to say, you have to sometimes make yourself go outside. I grew up tent camping, so I am a little nostalgic about it. Tent camping around tumbleweeds isn't always the best scenery, so glamping it is. Glamping in a beautiful canvas bell tent, with the canvas gently blowing in the breeze (ehh wind), and luxurious bedding and furnishings makes a weekend camping with the tumbleweeds, breeze(wind), and lack of trees amazing. Serious. I feel transported to another place, and I love it! You all have to try it! Don't wait, invite your favorite people and elevate your camping experience with us! We want to provide a setting for you to have an amazing care-free stay, getting outdoors, with elevated amenities and enjoy the beauty that does exist (really it does, it makes my heart full) in our part of Kansas.

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