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Glamping must-have checklist

This list will ensure a fun, comfortable, luxurious as you can stay for some glamourous camping!

1. High quality Glamping tents

Choose a glamper that is not only esthetically pleasing, but also one that you will enjoy spending time in. We love our bell tents from boutique camping. They are made of a sturdy poly-cotton that is water-

proofed, yet breathable, to keep many outdoor conditions at bay.

2. Comfortable bed & bedding

Sleeping is a must when glamping, we all need our beauty rest to adventure. Airbeds, foam mattresses, along with comfortable bedding you may not want to get out of are a must.

3. Lighting

Lighting and camping go together. Accent lighting along with a lantern can make all the difference with your tent. Paired with a campfire a safe distance away from your tent and you have the perfect lighting.

4. Chairs, cushions, and an eating space

A simple setting area designated for playing games or eating a meal makes so much sense. While some spot will have a picnic table provided, you may want to have another option.

5. Cooling or heating

In hot summers fans or even an ac can make it much more pleasant. In the cold months an added heater can help with a brisk early morning chill.

Other essentials for your trip, sunscreen, bug spray, water, paper towels, body wipes, fire starter and wood for campfires, snacks and beverages, boardgames, cards, or books and whatever you plan for your outdoor adventures!

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